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National Union Of Nigerian

Associations In Italy

N.U.N.A.I. for the interest of Nigerians in Italy.

Photo Gallery

NIGERIA @ 50 in Milan NIGERIA @ 50 in Milan Mr. Stephen Okwuchukwu The President giving welcome address 101777893 Mr. Ben Obafueko Vice President, Delivering the history of Nigeria Union Milan 101777897 Mr. Ezenwa Nwokoro General sec. giving the history of Nigeria 101777901 Mr. Mohammad Thalith P.R.O. moderating the occasion 101777881 council of elders 101777886 Palm wine club Getting ready to entertain 101777873 Dr. J. Uhama Chairman council of elders giving vote of thanks 101777878 101777888 101777889 Mr. Wilson Idabie The president of Nigeria community Piacenza and N.U.N.A.I. representative greeting men at the high table. 101777899 Cultural dance 101777903